Whats to bring, What to bring??


  • Pants and shirt – What you wear while marshaling must be something that will cover from the neck down. Coveralls are preferable but other variations will do as long as the colour is either white or hunters orange. Flag colours (Red, Green, Yellow) must never be greatly visible on a marshal’s clothing.
  • Cold/Hot Weather – One weekend you’ll be sunburned, the next frost bitten. No matter what the weatherman says bring clothing for both occasions. As you’ve heard so many times before the best way to be prepared for the day is to dress in layers.
  • Wet Weather – Once again the weatherman says “clear skies today” and it is either already raining or it is going to start when you least expect it. It can be raining at one end of the track and sunny at the other. It has happened on more than one occasion) Be prepared for this and please remember no flag colours.
  • Gloves – Leather gloves are good for picking up hot, sharp or wet objects. Fire/heat resistant gloves would also be good. Oven mitts are not acceptable, especially ones that look like animals.
  • Footwear – Your shoes should be of sturdy construction and in good condition. The shoes that you wear to a racing event should be comfortable for standing for long periods of time and while running over variable conditions. (i.e. wet, dry and rough terrain) Some suggestions for footwear would be; hiking boots, work boots or sneakers. No matter what you bring make sure that your footwear has good ankle support and a solid tread.
  • Headgear – Hats are good to protect your head from the heat, water and wind .You can bring the hat of your choice as long as it is not a flag colour and it has no profanity on it.

Personal Equipment

Below you will find a list of personal items that marshals have found useful in past years for their safety and comfort:

  • Sunglasses (Brightness can be nasty)
  • Water (Thirst can be annoying)
  • Headache pills (The day after comes early)
  • Sunscreen (Sunburns are not fun)
  • Bug juice (Flies are very nasty)
  • Belt (To attach stuff too)
  • Super Shears (To cut stuff)
  • Latex Gloves (For emergencies)
  • Hearing Protection (Noise is bad)
  • Snacks (Hunger is also annoying)
  • Personal First Aid Kit (Boo Boos are bad)
  • Spare Change of Clothes (Reasons vary)
  • Whistle (Good for gaining attention)