Welcome To Atlantic Region Race Control Association!

Welcome to the Atlantic Region Race Control Association website!  We provide Corner Marshaling services for all forms of wheel to wheel competition at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia.  We are a member club of ARMS and affiliated with ASN Canada FIA.  Corner Marshals are the first line of safety in motor racing and we get the best seat in the house!


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ARMS Round 3

The 3rd round of the ARMS regional series is this coming Sunday July 13th! Come on out and help out and be a part of some awesome racing action!

We are required on stand for 830am, so if you could show up around 800 am it would be much appreciated.

Should be a fun weekend!

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ARMS Round 2

Car racing this Sunday, June 22nd at AMP!  We need all the help we can get! Starting at 850 am on track, so if you could arrive around 815-820 that would be much appreciated.  They are running a lighter schedule this weekend, so it should be an earlier day.

Also, I just want to remind anyone that wasn’t able to make it to the marshal school – you still are more than welcome to come and marshal! If you’re still interested in trying out what we do, just come out to the track on one of the events we’re working, or send an email to ampmarshal@gmail.com . Free lunch, training and the best seat in the house!

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ARRCA Marshal School – May 24

Ever want to try marshaling out? The school is the best way to come try it out! It will be held at the track on May 24 and will consist of a 9-12 am classroom/fire response session, followed by a free lunch, then on track action for the afternoon! No experience is required at all… just bring yourself, a sturdy pair of work gloves and clothes for all types of weather (just no red or yellow please!).

We will hold it in the marshal trailer, which is just behind the podium with the large deck.

See you trackside!!

For more information, check out the getting started page on our website!

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SARL Round 1 – May 17/18

We’re on track for both Saturday and Sunday, We will need all the help we can get! Come on out!

Start times for both days will be at 9 am, and we should be off track at approximately 5pm, should be slightly earlier on Sunday.

We were at minimums this past weekend, so I’m hoping that a few more folks can make it out! The more the merrier!

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ARL Riders Academy

Our first event of the year is coming up! On May 10/11 the ARL Riders Academy will be held at AMP. We are required to be on stand on both the Saturday and the Sunday. The times we will be on stand are as follows:

Saturday: 1pm – 5pm

Sunday: 9am – 5pm

Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to these start times at minimum!


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2014 ARCCA Annual General Meeting

The 2014 ARRCA AGM Will be held on Sunday May 4th at 2pm at Kartbahn in Bayer’s Lake. All are welcome!

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2014 Calendar

Happy New year everyone!!  Still a few months left until the start of the 2014 season at AMP, but here is a schedule of all ARRCA events as it currently stands.  More details on each event can be found in the Calendar section!

May 10/11 – ARL Riders Academy

May 17/18 – ARL Round 1

May 24 – ARRCA Marshal School

May 25 – ARMS Regional #1

June 14/15 – ARL Round 2

June 22 – ARMS Regional #2

July 13 – ARMS Regional #3

July 19/20 – ARL Round 3

July 24/25/26/27 – Canadian National Superbike

August 17 – ARMS Regional #4

August 30/31 – ARL Round 4

September 13/14 – ARL Round 5

September 21  – ARMS Regional #5

September 27/28 – ARL Mack And Jack & Jack Canfield Memorial 3 Hour Endurance Race

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2013 ARRCA AGM and New Marshal Meet & Greet

The 2013 ARRCA AGM will be held at Kartbahn in Bayers Lake ( 66 Otter Lake Court, Halifax) on Sunday April 21st  at 1:00pm.

This year, We are hosting a new member meet and greet before our AGM!  It will start at noon!  If you have thought about marshaling but wanted to get more info, stop by! We will be able to answer all the questions you may have about Marshaling (what we do, what you need, where it is, etc) and Atlantic Motorsport Park! There will also be more information on the Marshaling school!

Check out our Getting Started page for more information!  Hope to see you there!

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2013 ARRCA Schedule Posted!

This is the schedule of all important dates and events for ARRCA in the 2013 season.  More information can be found on the Calendar page!

April 21  – ARRCA AGM

May 11/12 – ARL Riders Academy

May 25 – ARRCA Marshal School

May 26 – ARMS Regional #1

June 15/16 – ARL Round 1

June 23 – ARMS Regional #2

June 29/30 – ARL Round 2

July 14 – ARMS Regional #3

July 20/21 – ARL Round 3

July 25/26/27/28 – Canadian National Superbike

August 11 – ARMS Regional #4

August 31/September 1 – ARL Round 4

September 22  – ARMS Regional #5

October 14 – Jack Canfield Memorial 3 Hour Endurance Race

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5th Annual Jack Canfield Memorial Endurance Race!

Now, THIS is it folks. Last one of the year at AMP and it’s going to be a fun one. 3 Hour Jack Canfield Memorial on Monday October 8th!

We are on track for 9:00 AM – so get there early! Bring lots of layers, it could be 5 or 25C out with any type of weather. Lets get a big ARRCA turnout for this one!
For more information, take a look at http://www.jackcanfieldmemorial.com/ for more information!

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