2014 Calendar

Happy New year everyone!!  Still a few months left until the start of the 2014 season at AMP, but here is a schedule of all ARRCA events as it currently stands.  More details on each event can be found in the Calendar section!

May 10/11 – ARL Riders Academy

May 17/18 – ARL Round 1

May 24 – ARRCA Marshal School

May 25 – ARMS Regional #1

June 14/15 – ARL Round 2

June 22 – ARMS Regional #2

July 13 – ARMS Regional #3

July 19/20 – ARL Round 3

July 24/25/26/27 – Canadian National Superbike

August 17 – ARMS Regional #4

August 30/31 – ARL Round 4

September 13/14 – ARL Round 5

September 21  – ARMS Regional #5

September 27/28 – ARL Mack And Jack & Jack Canfield Memorial 3 Hour Endurance Race

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2013 ARRCA AGM and New Marshal Meet & Greet

The 2013 ARRCA AGM will be held at Kartbahn in Bayers Lake ( 66 Otter Lake Court, Halifax) on Sunday April 21st  at 1:00pm.

This year, We are hosting a new member meet and greet before our AGM!  It will start at noon!  If you have thought about marshaling but wanted to get more info, stop by! We will be able to answer all the questions you may have about Marshaling (what we do, what you need, where it is, etc) and Atlantic Motorsport Park! There will also be more information on the Marshaling school!

Check out our Getting Started page for more information!  Hope to see you there!

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2013 ARRCA Schedule Posted!

This is the schedule of all important dates and events for ARRCA in the 2013 season.  More information can be found on the Calendar page!

April 21  – ARRCA AGM

May 11/12 – ARL Riders Academy

May 25 – ARRCA Marshal School

May 26 – ARMS Regional #1

June 15/16 – ARL Round 1

June 23 – ARMS Regional #2

June 29/30 – ARL Round 2

July 14 – ARMS Regional #3

July 20/21 – ARL Round 3

July 25/26/27/28 – Canadian National Superbike

August 11 – ARMS Regional #4

August 31/September 1 – ARL Round 4

September 22  – ARMS Regional #5

October 14 – Jack Canfield Memorial 3 Hour Endurance Race

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5th Annual Jack Canfield Memorial Endurance Race!

Now, THIS is it folks. Last one of the year at AMP and it’s going to be a fun one. 3 Hour Jack Canfield Memorial on Monday October 8th!

We are on track for 9:00 AM – so get there early! Bring lots of layers, it could be 5 or 25C out with any type of weather. Lets get a big ARRCA turnout for this one!
For more information, take a look at http://www.jackcanfieldmemorial.com/ for more information!

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ARL Round 5, Featuring the Mack and Jack!

It’s almost the end of the season for ARL at Atlantic Motorsports Park – The final ARL round is next weekend on September 8 – 9.

We are required on track for 9:00 on both Saturday and Sunday and we would LOVE to have many of us out to lend a hand.  This weekend also features the Mack and Jack endurance race on Saturday afternoon!  Lots of fun!  A potluck is also planned Saturday evening, so camping (as always) is recommended.

It’s been a great season so far, so let’s wrap this one up with a bang! Going to be some excellent racing as ever on display, so come on out!


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ARMS Round 3 and 4

Hello everyone!  It’s a double round of car racing this weekend at AMP.  We have a full day of car racing on both Saturday and Sunday.  Usual start times – arrival for 8:45 and on track at 9:30.

The weather forecast is a little soggy, so make sure you have rain gear! There is a potluck Saturday night as well, if anyone is interested.

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A Marshal’s Life

Here’s an article by freelance journalist Filip Cleeren about what it’s like to be a marshal.  Featuring our very own Chief Marshal,  Kevin Newton!  Take a look!


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Suberbikes Thank You!

Wow everyone!  What a fantastic weekend!  Thank you to all who came out!  Great times, great racing and an excellent job done by all of our ARRCA members!  It’s our biggest event of the year, and we preformed spectacularly.

Thank you!

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Canadian Superbike Championship Round 3

It’s that time of year again everyone!  We are less than 2 weeks away from the biggest weekend of the year.  The 2012 Canadian Superbike Championship is stopping by AMP from July 19-22.  As it is our largest event, we would love to have all hands on deck!

Camping is available and free for all marshals.  Lunch is provided as well.  If you intend on marshaling this event, you MUST have contacted me (Nate Perron) no later than Wednesday July 18th in order to have your name added to the list of marshals.  Email contact is ampmarshal@gmail.com

Weekend Schedule and other information will be posted when available! Check out the Canadian Superbike Championship website at www.csbk.ca

Don’t forget to follow ARRCA on Twitter and Facebook!  See ya at the track!



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ARMS Round 2

The second round of car racing is this weekend!  Sunday only.  We’re aiming for being on track for 9:15, so arrival approximately 45 minutes prior would be excellent!

It might be wet weather this weekend, so don’t forget your rain gear!


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